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The Message

Given To Me By Extra-Terrestrials

The Elohim's Message about the origin and future or humanity. This book

talks about the Universe and the real meaning of life and death among



Let's Welcome

Our Fathers

From Space

This book answers the many questions asked about the Message of the Elohim in The Message given to me by Extra-Terrestrials including about the Universe, the soul, sexual freedom, what are false prophets and so on.


Government by intelligence is the only alternative for solving the contradictions and absurdity of current political systems.



A scientific method of meditation as instructed by the Extra-Terrestrials Elohim. Thoughts originate in the brain and the brain is developed from the information received through our five senses.

Yes to human cloning!

Cloning is the first step to eternal life. Super-artificial intelligence, biological robots, etc., this book guides us to the future.

The Maitreya


The wisdom of the Maitreya Rael which guides you to the awakening of consciousness.








The Extra-Terrestrials Elohim are confirming that the Prophet Rael is indeed the Buddha born in the West.

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