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Awareness of the consequences of our actions


Everyone is responsible for everything they do, even if they are obeying someone else's orders. Those who pull the trigger are just as guilty as those who give the order. Never obey any order, no matter what it is, or who gives it, if the order goes against your conscience. For religious people, if God asks you to obey an order which is contrary to your conscience, don't obey it.




Absolute respect for life


Even if some authority led us to believe that we could save the whole humanity by killing just one person, we should still not kill that person. It would be better that the whole humanity be destroyed instead of killing one person. The life of one non-violent person is more precious than all of humanity. This rule renders all massacres, holocausts and crimes against humanity impossible.




Self Respect


Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, coffee are forbidden to take. These substances not only destroy the user's own genetic code, but also introduce genetic defects into future generations.



Love for oneself

Guilt, fear and lack of awareness lead to stress and the secretion of toxic substances within our body which destroy our health. Understand and love yourself before others because others are like us. People who are unable to give themselves pleasure cannot give pleasure to others. Do not feel fear or guilt in pleasing yourself. Humans were not created for pain; they were created for pleasure.




Respect for others


Tolerance alone is not enough. It lacks enthusiasm and only involves putting up with other people's differences while remaining quick to change our opinion if these differences disturb us. On the contrary, really loving other peoples' differences means supporting their individuality and encouraging them to live out their racial, cultural, religious, sexual or genetic differences. If everyone were the same, the world would be a boring place. The greater the people's differences, the more enriching they are to me. A humanity full of variety is indeed a rich humanity.






Using war and violence to solve problems is very primitive and the cause for pain in our human society of today is the support of violence. Threats of violence should be punished as severely as violence



World peace


All the national armies must be removed in order to create a true world government and a world military army whose task is to be the planet's guardians of peace. Governments should dedicate their military budgets to combating hunger in the world. Using only a part of the world's military budgets will solve the world's hunger immediately. While there are people dying of hunger on this planet, enormous sums of money are being spent on building and maintaining weapons that can destroy all of humanity many times over, and that proves that the conscience of humanity is still at a very primitive level.






Every person has the right throughout their life to sufficient food, a place to sleep, clothes to dress decently and an education, even if they are not working. Scientific and technological advances will liberate humans from the hardships of labor and the day when all people can benefit from them will finally come. And, the people who will have contributed to the progress of humanity will have the right to luxury.










The Extra-Terrestrials Elohim are confirming that the Prophet Rael is indeed the Buddha born in the West.

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