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UFOs still appear in every part of the world. Thanks to the development of optical machineries, many vivid scenes of UFOs have been taken and often broadcasted on TV. A picture of a UFO above KyongGiDo KapyongGun SolgokRi taken by Kim SoengGi of ChoMunWha Ilbo news paper at the beginning of September, 1995 and a video image of formation flight of UFO above WhaAckSan Mountain are famous worldwide.

These images attracted interest all over the world. KBS sent off their correspondent to England and France to ascertain whether they are true and broadcasted it on a Sunday special show. The specialists in Europe concluded that they were not manipulated images. The image of formation flight of UFO above WhaAckSan Mountain was a rare case in which a UFO multiplied. It was analyzed that the UFO above SolgokRi had the size of 400m in diameter and was caught at the moment when it was moving reversely at the speed of 200km/second.

[UFO in Kapyong and in WhaAckSan Mountain in Korea]


At 22:30 on June 30rd, 2002, a huge UFO appeared above vast areas from the northern China, Jiangsu, Heilongjiang, midwestern China, Hubei, Jingzhou, Shanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing to Neimenggu. It was witnessed by more than 10 million people and filmed on cameras and video cameras by many people. Newspapers and TV gave a great deal of space to it.  The mysterious bright huge UFO moved from the east to the west for 3-10 minutes while changing shape sometimes. Xingdao Daily News reported that astronomers who witnessed it had told that it was a "flying object" that is not astronomical nor an atmospheric phenomenon such as a shooting star. All the newspapers in China and broadcast stations such as the City Morning News of Henan, the Lanzhou Morning News of Gansucheng and the Yantze Evening News of Nanjing reported the appearance of "the unidentified flying object" in detail all day. According to a newspaper of Sichuan, an air force plane that was conducting flight training nearby mistook it as an enemy plane and asked headquarters for the permission to shoot it down. A researcher of the astronomy laboratory of Zijinshan, Nanjing, Wangsichao pointed out that the object was observed in all parts of China in a very short time and speculated that it flew at incredibly fast speeds at least 500 kilometers from the ground and the size was unimaginably huge.

[The article of the UFO of a Chinese newspaper]






The Extra-Terrestrials Elohim are confirming that the Prophet Rael is indeed the Buddha born in the West.

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