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[The symbol of infinity] old type(left)

new type(right)


The Elohim use these marks that represent infinity of the universe. They are called the symbol of infinity. The Raelian Movement uses them as their emblem.

The symbol of infinity consists of the Star of David outside and a swastika inside. The spiral for the new type is a transformation of the swastika.


The Star of David (left)

Swastika (right)


The Star of David represents infinity in space and it means "as above so below". The extraterrestrials who created human beings in their laboratory proved scientifically that the infinitely small has the same structure as the infinitely large. In other words, in each cell of our body, there are infinite numbers of universes in which one can find planets on which live intelligent people just like us. The universe which surrounds us is a little part of a huge living being and there is a bigger universe above the being. It goes on to infinity for both small and large.


Swastika represents infinity in time. Everything in the universe exists forever changing its form. The same goes for both infinitely large and infinitely small. Matter and the energy are exactly the same and there is no beginning and no end. Everything circulates. Around the 5th century BC the philosopher Heracles said, "Nothing is born and nothing disappears. Everything just changes its form."

Ancient people thought the symbol used by their creators was sacred and kept it. Traces have been found in relics all around the world.

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Nouga Kogen in midland Japan is assumed to be the place where there was a laboratory of the Elohim in ancient time. It has been told that the indigenous population built a temple with a huge stone on the mountain and worshipped an idol of their creators.
Recently, the Japanese Raelian Movement searched the place and found an astounding fact. The idol at the place is the symbol of the Elohim.






The Extra-Terrestrials Elohim are confirming that the Prophet Rael is indeed the Buddha born in the West.

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