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On July 31st, 1975, when Maitreya Rael was staying in Perigord, France, after a huge UFO passed above him, he found a mark on his arm. It was a big circle inside which there were three smaller circles, in other words, the three treasures mark. 15 days later, the mark changed into one of the 10 symbols of Buddhism, two concentric circles. The carving of the important symbols of Buddhism on Maitreya Rael's arm is a meaningful event that indicates that he is very much linked to Buddhism, too.



[The three treasures mark and the two concentric circles etched on the arm of Maitreya Rael]


But the mark of three treasures is also from the Elohim and has been used in every part of the world since ancient time. It is not the monopoly of Buddhism. It has been found in every part of the world such as in the catholic Pax Cultura, Chintamani in India, the three treasures and wrist ring in Tibet, ancient temples of Islam, a picture of Jesus at Memling, a picture of the Holy Mother in Strassbourgthe shield of Christian Crusade, the cloak of Knights Templars, the ancient portrait of Saint Nicholas, ancient remains in Ethiopia and Coptic, the Mongolian rock, jug of Neolithic age, ornament for the chest in Raful, Ladakh and Himalaya.





   [Pax Culture]           [picture of Holy Mother]



     [the three treasures mark in a Korean temple]







The Extra-Terrestrials Elohim are confirming that the Prophet Rael is indeed the Buddha born in the West.

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