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Buddhism and Raelianism have the exact same basic philosophy about such things as relationship between humans and the universe, enlightenment and the Universe itself because Buddha was a Messenger of the Elohim. If Buddha was a Messenger of the Elohim, traces of that should have remained in ancient Buddhism.


A long time ago Buddhism started in India and came to China via western regions.

It was then transmitted to Korea and Japan. Having traveled so far to reach Korea and Japan, it is said that almost nothing of the original form of Buddhism remains.


Thereupon, the Korean Raelian Movement, in order to shed light on the relationship between Buddhism and the Message of the Elohim, dispatched an investigation party. They departed in the search of the roots of Buddhism and visited places such as Beijing, Dun Huang, the region of Turpan in the border mountains between China and Russia, Tibet, Thailand and India.





What the Korean Movement's investigation party found is that many UFOs were drawn on wall paintings. In the cave temples of Dun Huang and Turpan the wall paintings were of Flying vehicles of the Elohim, that is there were many drawings of what we call UFOs.


Also in Tibet they found quite surprising statues of Buddha. They are not simple depictions; mechanical UFOs are being expressed in those statues.


[picture: UFO above statue of Buddha (Tibet)]


We also found in Thailand an ancient painting depicting a UFO.

[picture: The miracle of the Mango Tree (Thailand)]


A prominent Thai Buddhist Scholar, Professor S.C mentioned that the depictions on the Turpan wall paintings are

"the figures of creators who came from the sky."









The Extra-Terrestrials Elohim are confirming that the Prophet Rael is indeed the Buddha born in the West.

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